Kids Menu

Kids Menu

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Little League Menu

Chicken Alfaro

Chicken cook in a creamy Alfaro sauce with fresh pasta and topped with grated cheddar cheese. $12.00

The Lunch Box Platter

A selection of cheese, wedges of tomatoes, crispy chicken strips, fruit, breads and a chocolate cookie. $13.00

Cheese Burger

Mini beef pattie with cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato sauce served in a mini bun with chips or salad. (Grilled breast or fish bites can be add instead of beef) $11.50

Trusty Fish & Chip Shop

Choose from fish bites, hot dog or crumbed chicken breast with chips, mash potatoes or salad. $11.50

Little Chicken Salad

Strips of chicken with tomato wedges, grated cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce and topped with mayonnaise. $11.50

Little Leagues Deluxe Breakfast

An egg sunny side up with toast, hash brown, bacon, sausage and tomato sauce. $10.50



Kids Fresh Fruit Salad with Vanilla Ice Cream


Hot fudge sundae topped with a chocolate fish


Chocolate dessert of the day





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