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Montecristo Mini       $7.50

A short burst of cocoa and spice


Montecristo Puritos        $12.50

Medium to full flavour. Introduced into the market in 1935

by the H. Upmann factory. It has a distinctive flavour


Romeo Julieta No 1             $38.50

Rich spice and floral notes with a herbaceous

background. Mild to medium bodied.


Montecristo No 4        $43.00

The most widely smoked cigar in the world.

Smooth flavours of cocoa and spice. Medium bodied.


Cohiba Siglo I      $55.00

Rich, spicy and complex. A luxurious cigar from the

world’s finest brand. Medium bodied.


Partagas Serie D #4             $60.00

A medium bodied cigar with smooth pepper and

earth flavours. A classic robusto.


Romeo y Julieta Churchill              $75.00

Complex spicy flavours and nutty tones complimented by a warm woody finish. Medium bodied.

Smoking causes lung cancer.

NZ Govt. health warning.




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